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About motorcycles. If you have any questions or requests regarding custom motorcycles, you can send an email from this page.
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Privacy policy

The privacy policy is applied when you use our services.
The text below describes our efforts to protect personal information.

1. Collection and use of personal information

When you purchase a product or apply for other transactions, you will need your name, address, phone number, email address, gender, date of birth, and so on.
This information is used for order confirmation, product shipping notification and product shipping, payment, response to customer inquiries, inquiries from our company to customers, related after-sales service, and other transaction execution. This is the necessary information. In addition, personal information of customers may be used to improve the operation of our company by sending e-mail newsletters, DM, etc., and analyzing purchases by customers.

2. Information disclosure to third parties

Personal information provided by customers will not be disclosed to third parties except in the following cases.
1) With the consent of the user.
2) When complying with requests from laws and regulations

3. Requests and inquiries regarding disclosure of personal information, corrections, etc.

As a general rule, requests for disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, suspension of use or deletion of personal information held by the Company will be accepted within a reasonable range only by the person who is the information subject of the personal information.
If you have any inquiries regarding these procedures and our handling of personal information, please contact us at the following.
名称:TIN MACHINE motor cycle
Phone : 073-473-0031
FAX : 073-473-0038

4.About deletion / deletion of personal information

After one year has passed after the customers transaction is completed (or obtained if there is no transaction), the customers personal information may be deleted or deleted without the prior or subsequent consent of the customer.

5. About the use of system services

By using the system services (shopping sites, etc.) provided by our company, it is considered that you have agreed to this "Personal Information Protection Initiatives"

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